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A story telling- memory game

for 2 - 7 players
8 years and up


by Peer Sylvester and Günter Cornett

Graphic design: Christian Opperer






The deputy is doing his rounds through the village. He visits the citizens of Old Town: Grandma is sitting in the casino; Dynamite Joe is trying his luck with the vault in the bank….

At the end of his round there is a robbery. The victim names a witness.

The witness saw the bandit run to another place and names a new witness...



The players help the deputy find the witnesses and catch the bandit.

Who has the best memory? The unfolding story will help the players remember the whereabouts of the citizens of Old Town.


  • 1 Debuty

  • 61 Cards: 18 Buildings, 1 Hat card, 34 Citizen cards (2 sets of 17 cards), 1 Robbery card,
    7 Yes-/No-Cards

  • 50 chips: 18 yellow chips with the value 1, 18 red chips with the value 3, 9 green chips with the value 5

  • 1 Dice

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